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Rental and Sale of Orthopedic Equipment in Tourcoing


The Clinquet Pharmacy located in Tourcoing offers you its Orthopedic Equipment Rental and Sale service.

With professionals specializing in General Orthopedics , the Pharmacie du Clinquet located in Tourcoing  provides you with a Rental and Sale service for Orthopedic Equipment .

In order to accelerate the healing of your weakened muscles, it is important to relieve them by using  suitable Orthopedic Equipment . As a result, the Pharmacie du Clinquet  has set up a service for the sale and rental of orthopedic equipment in Tourcoing . Our equipment will relieve your muscles weakened by an injury or by bad posture.

The Clinquet Pharmacy is located at 463, Rue du Clinquet in Tourcoing . To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us on  03 20 46 10 10 .