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Naturactive Essential Oils on Bondues


Near Bondues, La Pharmacie du Clinquet is an official reseller of Naturactive Essential Oils.

The Clinquet Pharmacy located near Bondues  is an official retailer of Naturactive Essential Oils . We have the entire Naturactive range  , a recognized brand for Aromatherapy, we can meet all your needs.

We offer different aromas of Naturactive Essential Oils including:

  • Mint
  • Caraway
  • Cinnamon
  • and Rommarin

The Pharmacie du Clinquet is located at 463, Rue du Clinquet in Tourcoing , just a few kilometers from Bondues . For more information on our range of Naturactive Essential Oils , do not hesitate to contact us on  03 20 46 10 10 .